About Brandon Coppernoll

Digital marketing. Web design & development. Web analytics. Geek.

Hello! I live in Muncie, Indiana, with my wife and three kids. I am a digital marketing consultant specializing in online marketing, web design and development, and web analytics for small businesses and non-profits. I have been developing websites since 2005 and providing online marketing services since 2009.

Professional Highlights

I graduated Ball State University in 2005 with a B.S. in Computer Science. My first professional job was a web developer for a local Muncie technology company specializing in custom websites. In 2006, I took a job at another local startup specializing in internet marketing and web development as a director of internet services. Every project from web development to social media came across my desk, and my experiences planted the seeds for my philosophy I live by today. In 2010, I joined the Ball State university marketing and communications team in a business analyst role.

I love diving right in and “entering the danger” with my clients. It’s a fun and fascinating experience. I began freelancing in 2011 to help clients solve their business problems and develop websites. I started BC Digital Marketing in 2014 to expand my services and offerings in digital strategy and web analytics.

Fun facts

  • Baseball is my favorite sport, and sadly I’m a Chicago Cubs fan
  • I love my local sports teams: Indianapolis Colts, Indianapolis Indians, and Indiana Pacers
  • I love CrossFit, and I’ll tell you about it
  • Video games are a big part of my life – I’ve developed life-long friendships because of them
  • I used to play guitar and sing comedic songs at open mic in my college dorm but that was a long time ago