These Costly Website Mistakes Can Lose Business

The Big Problem with Small Business Websites

Your website can cost you business before your customers even walk through your doors or talk to you. This infographic by Column Five Media for legal practice management software developer MyCase, highlights costly website mistakes. Most small businesses have a very limited budget and resources to maintain a website. Luckily, all of these mistakes are common […]

Leave Your Comfort Zone and Serve the Customer

Wallkill Valley Railroad Bridge near New Paltz, NY

The lack of communication can be the top reason for failed customer service. If an account manager gets all the details of your customer’s marketing plans but doesn’t share with the project manager, designer, or developer, you’re stuck with silo’d efforts. Today’s marketing demands we function as interdisciplinary teams. Marketing is adopting skills in technology […]

Testing My Limits: A CrossFit Story

Brandon Coppernoll in a front squat before a thruster.

When I finished the Muncie CrossFit project, I knew there was something special about it. I had only heard the crazy stories about CrossFit. After talking to the co-founders, BJ McKay and Johnathon Hill, I knew that perception definitely didn’t meet reality. Safety, conditioning, and mental toughness were their top priorities. So I joined. Last week […]

[Infographic] The Three Pillars of Marketing Success

The Three Pillars of Marketing Success

Oracle Eloqua released a great infographic and described the three pillars to marketing success, above all other measurable factors, include: marketing ROI marketing influenced sales conversion rate The most striking details of this report are the real vs. ideal core competencies. There’s a definitive shortage in knowledge and ability to use the following: marketing technology, analytics, conversion, engagement, and targeting. […]

How to Use Custom Variables in Your Google Analytics Dashboard

Google Analytics Dashboard Widget Editor

The Google Analytics for WordPress Plugin by Yoast gives administrators the ability to set custom variables to segment your content in a variety of ways. You can use custom variables for segments, filtering data, and creating unique dashboards. Recently, I wanted to be able to break out top blog content by post_type. Set Custom Variables […]

How I Use Buffer To Save Time


Buffer is an excellent app for publishing content on social media. It’s taken me some time to really grasp I can best use it, but now that I’m no longer a noob I feel like I can share a little “social media hack.” 3 Ways Buffer Saves Time 1. I usually do most of my […]

2014 Progress Report: February

Busy bee on red flower

I made some of my resolutions public at the beginning of the year in an effort to keep myself accountable. I thought it would be good to sit down at the end of every month to weigh in on my progress. Let’s recap my resolutions: Read one non-fiction book per month Write 100 blog posts during the […]

A Hot Tip for Small Business Online Marketing Success

Bert and Ernie: Let Me Tell You a Secret

Small businesses look at online marketing and see a vast landscape to cast their net. It’s easy to think that if you can reach everybody, you can get more business and thrive. This isn’t necessarily true. When websites were becoming more popular, one of the key selling points were to reach as many people as possible. […]

[Infographic] Visual History of Google Algorithm Changes

Visual History of Google Algorithm Changes

If you feel like Google changes everything once you get the hang of how it works, you’re probably not far off. The Google algorithm changes frequently to become better, but it is also changing to match how we are using the web. “Winning” at Google used to be about stuffing as many keywords as possible […]

Better Landing Pages for More Conversions

Landing Page Sign Up

Imagine you’re selling your home. It’s a nice home. You like it. You schedule an open house and pay for advertising to bring people in the door. People come but no one makes an offer. You pay for more advertising and get more people to come. Still no offers. People visit in between open houses […]