Thoughts on my 32nd Birthday

Happy Birthday

Last night, I held my youngest son before he fell asleep in my arms. We just finished a bottle, and the house was quiet. He spit out his pacifier, looked at me and smiled a big, cheesy grin and stuck his tongue out. I turn 32 today. That moment last night made me realize how […]

2015: Keep Moving Forward

Keep Moving Forward - Walt Disney

Last year was a big year for my family. Aptly named, “The Year of Change”, my wife and I welcomed our third child into the world. We didn’t know the half of change we’d face. I decided it was time to leave Ball State University and start my career as a “solopreneur” with BC Digital […]

One Month Later…

The hilarious part about starting out on my own full time was to add more time and energy during the day devoted to growing my business, and somehow along the way I learned first-hand what many small businesses deal with: not enough time. Muncie is a great city to start a business. We have a […]

Moving on: Digital Marketing Consulting

Road Less Taken - Dave Sutherland

For three years, I provided freelance consulting services on digital marketing, measurement and analytics, and web design and development. This year has been an incredible year for personal and professional growth. My wife and I welcomed our third child into this world a day before our anniversary. I had the opportunity to speak at ECI […]

Meaningful Analytics: Finding Data That Matters to You

Brandon Speaks at ECI SMG

On Thursday, August 21, I spent some time talking with the ECI Social Media Group about web analytics and Google Analytics in particular. I provided a little insight about the research I’ve done as well as gave an example of a digital measurement plan that can be used to create better analytics reports. The audience […]

Presenting Web Analytics to ECI Social Media Group

I will be presenting a web analytics presentation to ECI Social Media Group at the Innovation Connector on August 21. My presentation, Meaningful Analytics – Finding Data that Matters to You will focus on breaking down Google Analytics to its fundamentals to make the information you can get digestible. The ECI Social Media Group is a gathering […]

Create a Better Content Plan for Your Website

Create a Better Content Plan for Your Website

Websites without a content plan often become like a snowball rolling down the side of a mountain. If you’ve gone through a web project, you’ve likely experienced the wide range of emotions in content creation and are just happy it’s over. You may have also experienced watching the your site’s content grow and the site navigation […]