In the Know: Genesis Framework 1.9 Released

WordPress 3.5 “Elvin” was released recently, and I knew close on its heels would be another Genesis update. Genesis 1.9 was released January 7, 2013. While some updates are subtle and a little under the radar, there are others that will jump out at you.

Genesis 1.9 DisplaysUpdated Design and Wider Layout

The Genesis style sheet got an overhaul, and it isn’t near as long as it one was. The default design has been updated and the width has grown to 1152px. This takes advantage of more screen space on more modern resolutions. It also keeps many of the same responsive elements.

Updated Security

The framework underwent an extensive security audit.

Google Author Highlights

Genesis now offers support for author highlighting. Google authoring takes advantages of Google+ and can help influence search. Now content written by you can have your picture next to it in search results. This is great for personalizing search. The image below shows an example of the code in action. Update your profile with your Google+ account URL and you’re set.

Genesis Framework 1.9 Google Authoring

Genesis Framework 1.9 Google Authoring

Deprecating Widgets

Genesis ships with a number of widgets, but there are some widgets that are better off as plugins. The “eNews & Updates” and “Latest Tweets” widgets are now plugins, and will be removed from Genesis completely in the future.

You will also notice the Category and Page menu widgets are completely removed from the framework. These deprecated widgets were due to go. They’ve been deprecated for some time. If you were using these widgets, you will need to build a custom menu and add the custom menu widget to the Header Right widget area.

Genesis 2.0 Roadmap

Support for HTML5 Markup

It is promised that Genesis 2.0  will feature HTML5 markup.

A New Mobile Strategy

Genesis 2.0 will feature tools to execute a mobile strategy for your website. It’s very exciting to see what’s coming. Keep an eye out in spring or summer 2013.

Get the Genesis Framework by StudioPress now.