In The Know: WordPress 3.5 Update

WordPress 3.5 was released on December 11, 2012. There are a number of great updates to take advantage of, but one of the most impressive updates is how media is managed and interfaces with your content. When I read the list of updates, I got very excited about the possibilities. I think you will too.

WordPress 3.5 Media

WordPress 3.5 Updates

It’s time to take a look at some notable updates.

Media Manager

Uploading media is a lot simpler and sleek. Drag and drop still exists, but the media form is cleaner, easier. Gallery management is faster and better. Features include drag and drop ordering, inline editing, and simpler controls for layout.

New Twenty Twelve Theme

It’s that time of year when WordPress rolls out an updated default theme to match the most recent version and make good use on new features. This theme uses responsive design to look great and mobile devices, uses all the features of WordPress 3.5, and is designed to better support websites and blogs.

Retina Ready

You’ll see some subtle updates to the WordPress 3.5 dashboard. The dashboard now looks striking on high resolution devices such as the iPad, Kindle Fire HD, and MacBook Pro with Retina Display.

A Better Experience

Web accessibility gets a boost with this update, and color pickers get an upgrade. Performance updates to WordPress queries, image editing, and multisite functions will make things easier for WordPress developers too.


I’m very excited to get deeper into the features of WordPress 3.5, and I’m very excited for the CMS’ future. Updates like the one to the media manager makes things easier and faster for content authors to make content updates. Media used to be a cumbersome venture. As things from a technical nature get easier and sleeker, more time can be focused content strategy and reaching your targeted audiences.