Any project, whether it is web development or consulting, must have a process to give it the framework to be successful. I want you to know what to expect when we get together for the first time all the way through completion.

Meet and Greet

I don’t really like to call this discovery because at this point we’re really just trying to get to know each other. It’s too early at this point for you to tell me all your woes and worries, and it’s too early for me to tell you what I’ll do for you. We also should be sure we can work together and that I can give you 100% confidence that I can do the job. I also want you to be comfortable with my 5 step process.

1. Discovery and Requirements

It’s time to get down to business. I want to know what you need, what are your goals, what is success, what is failure and all the things in between. It’s time to really dissect what you’re trying to accomplish. We will talk about content strategy, conversion points, calls to action and your sitemap. We may not write the content here and now, but we will know exactly what content will be on your site and where it will go when the site goes live.

2. Design

This is everybody’s favorite (next to going live)! I, and another designer, will walk you through the process of turning your information architecture from concept to something tangible. By the end of this phase you will have a visual representation of how your site will look and function.

3. Development

This really begins after the information architecture is developed, but it will also include putting the design to the code. I use an agile approach to project management so the project will be given a series of milestones and releases so you won’t be in the dark until development is complete. We will go through several iterations in this phase to take the work in small, bite-sized chunks. If you have developers available, they will often be included in this phase, and I can serve as a consultant and provide quality assurance.

4. Testing and Review

We take all the work completed and put the site to the test. We will answer several questions during this phase. Does the content match the IA and pass proofreading tests? Do the forms provide the desired result? Did we meet your goals and objectives? Does the site run efficiently? Other questions may be formed based on the requirements analysis.

5. Go Live

This is the ultimate joy for any project. We will work hard together to get here, and I will make sure it goes off successfully. By now we should know everything there is to know about your environment to successfully launch the project. As part of the go live phase, we will also discuss promoting your new development for both internal and external audiences.

Wait…there’s more!

On the web your project is never done. Your customers and business will change. The world will change. Technology will change. Social media will change. That is a guarantee.

Another guarantee is I will be with you every step of the way. We can continue working together, or I will periodically follow up with you to make sure you are getting your return on investment.