3 simple tools to prioritize project tasks

Wouldn’t life be much simpler if a project was the task? If launching a website was simply putting the site on the internet and it’s ready to go? Unfortunately, projects are full of tasks that need to be done to execute the project successfully. Some tasks take almost no time like setting up a meeting, […]

5 ways to improve meetings in the workplace

Meetings. Ugh. Who thinks that when they get in and see their calendar full of meetings? If you feel that way you may be experiencing what it feels like when meetings are not very productive. If you are entering a meeting and leaving it thinking “I just wasted an hour” perhaps your meetings need a […]

Improving productivity through teamwork

Recent changes have enabled me to work more closely with the Project Managers at Fusework Studios. Part of this transition has required all of us to get to know each other a little better and get better at teamwork. One of the most important tasks at hand was to find a way to increase productivity […]

HOW TO: Prioritize your work queue

Recent changes at work brought several new responsibilities and projects directly to my work queue. I struggled for about a week with the new influx of work as I had to determine priorities and where projects were in their progress. Here are some things I did to figure things out and prioritize my rapidly growing […]

Streamlining communication

You often hear about companies or people that don’t communicate enough. This is frustrating because not enough information is flowing back and forth between key roles, and when information is needed it simply is not there. There is a point in which too much communication can be just as costly or even more costly. The […]