How To Use Web Analytics To See Your Website’s Future

Use Web Analytics To See Your Website's Future | Brandon Coppernoll

If I had a crystal ball at my disposal as I entered every web project, I would be the sole authority of websites. Unfortunately, I don’t so I used judgment calls and leaps of faith to make decisions for the web. I didn’t always quite understand how to use web analytics in my favor. Fortunately, […]

Winona Chiropractic Center web design held hostage

Winona Chiropractic Center and their web designer have a very public issue. This is when web design and relations can get ugly. The web designer feels jilted because Winona Chiropractic has failed to pay “any of their total web design bill.” The web design agency claims they attempted to collect, but the chiropractic office failed […]

Why We Still Need Websites

With social media gaining popularity on a daily basis, the focus in the web industry has shifted to following companies on Twitter or becoming fans on Facebook as opposed to searching for the corporate website. Furthermore, companies are also directing a lot of their web traffic to their blog instead of their primary marketing base: […]

How to talk to a website vendor

I love having conversations with a good friend of mine, Michael Lacey. He and I always have such poignant discussions about topics regarding web development, website redesign and even life lessons. The topic more recently was vendor to client communication during a web development process. Being a web developer most of my professional career I […]