The technical content management life cycle

A lot of time has been spent on the content management life cycle with regards to content strategy, team building and project management. Behind the scenes there is a level of technical management of content management systems that doesn’t often get the publicity that content marketing and content strategy may receive. What is the technical content management life cycle?

1. Content management system development and implementation
During the production phases of the CMS project, there is a layer of technical implementation involved. Servers, software and network implications are looked over and aligned to the overall goals of project. Workflows, templates and notification systems are developed and implemented to ensure the CMS operates efficiently according to the content management strategy.

2. Supporting the content management system
The site is now live. The CMS system is undergoing the use of content providers. Unfortunately, not everything will go according to plan. A workflow may not be “just right.” A template may have a bug here and there. The number of content providers may exceed initial projections, and the system is experiencing side effects. These little aches and pains are natural and shouldn’t be surprising. Documenting these issues and having regularly scheduled development meetings can go a long way to addressing these issues.

3. Updating the content management system
In time, your vendor or CMS software provider may have updates to the source code to improve various technical requirements. They may provide releases or patches to implement into your current system. It won’t always be a one-to-one update; however, if you have developed some custom code you may need to determine if the patch will erase your code. Your development team should review the updates before implementing and potentially deleting functionality you rely on.

The technical content management life cycle does not end when your content management system is live. Much like your content management strategy, the technical aspects of your plan will continue to grow and change. What advice do you have for the technical side of content management?